Healthcare Creative & Strategy Director

Healthcare Marketing Account Group · Remote, Florida
Department Healthcare Marketing Account Group
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

The Healthcare Creative & Strategy Director manages strategy, messaging and brand positioning on behalf of our healthcare, pharma, health insurance, and life sciences clients. This person engages clients on a daily basis, provides strategic guidance to the team, eagerly solves tough problems, and juggles multiple client accounts with ease. While leading multiple project teams, you listen intently to our clients’ needs and figure out the best way to tell their story and reach their customers. You know which tactics will help our clients reach their business goals, and you know how to develop campaigns and messaging that tugs at the hearts of their target audiences. You lead the creative and strategic efforts for our healthcare clients on behalf of our team of email marketers, digital content gurus, web developers, designers, and videographers. Our ideal candidate will champion our clients’ business goals to help them achieve desired results, and you’ll make them look like superheroes.

Here’s a snapshot (but not all of) your responsibilities:

  • Listener. You have the ability to decipher the needs of our clients by listening to their pain points and those of their clients. 
  • Expert. Become the expert on their business, brand, and industry. You’ll be hungry for in-depth knowledge of competition, industry lingo, and a basic understanding of internal politics/structure. 
  • Creative Strategic thinker. We follow client instructions really well, but we’re not order takers. You’ll work with our internal team to strategically help our clients explore new creative solutions and marketing tactics to help them achieve their business goals.
  • Facilitator. In order to get to the point, you understand how to design and lead workshops that bring the right decision-makers together to determine a solid foundation for any brand or messaging project. 
  • Storyteller. You have a keen sense of what it takes to produce the best stories through video, print, animation, web, email, events, promotions, digital, or traditional channels. You are well-versed at crafting beautiful stories regardless of the medium in which they are presented.
  • Financially responsible. You’re keenly aware of the financial needs of our company. You help develop and maintain project budgets, manage monthly billings and revenue forecasting, and continually seek ways to grow with our clients. You define scope and functional and business requirements to be executed.
  • Pitch perfect. Lead client growth, with both existing clients and prospects, by strategizing for prospect needs and developing and presenting pitches.
  • Personable. We get personal and we expect you to also. It’s important that you care about our clients on a personal level. You’ll know what kind of dog they have, their kids’ names, and what they’re doing on summer vacation. You love knowing what’s important to them and what makes them tick.
  • Responsive. Be over-responsive. You won’t let any email or phone call go unanswered as you manage day-to-day interaction with clients and team members.
  • Communicator, communicator, communicator. We’re in the business of communicating, so we want you to thrive on interacting with our clients in person, over the phone (yep, we still use those—a lot), and via email, text, and/or Slack. You’ll know which way your clients prefer to communicate, and you’ll maximize it. And you’ll communicate your client’s goals and KPIs to the project team and ensure those goals are at the core of every project and tactic we take with the client.
  • Calm in the chaos. Just when it appears that the wall might cave in, you know how to brace for it, regroup, and push it back up. Marketing moves fast—really fast. But you love calmly, smartly walking alongside it.
  • Keeping it together. You’ve just got to be organized. You’ll juggle multiple client accounts in different industries, various projects across our service lines, many client contacts, and internal specialists. The only way you can keep it all straight is to keep yourself straight. Don’t worry, we provide you with really great tools, equipment, and resources. You’ll easily set timeline and Basecamp tasks for involved team members and hold regular check-ins to ensure your projects continue moving efficiently.
  • Fearless Leader. You support all clients as a consultant for the client and leader for our internal team from new business through execution; during new business, present brand, messaging, and strategy tactics to the client that will aid in hitting their goals.
  • Team player. You know how to work with other team members and partner agencies, and they love you—or at least like you. You bring appropriate team members together to brainstorm tactics for reaching client goals.
  • Self-driver. You know how to manage your schedule to hit near- and long-term deadlines.
  • Marketing whiz. We’re counting on you to know what’s happening in the world and how it connects with our marketing world. You’ll be up to speed, and probably ahead of most, on the latest trends, products, and techniques to help our clients solve their toughest marketing challenges.

Other Focus Areas

As needed, oversee and support project teams by:

  • Acting as a supervisor and mentor to all team members 
  • Regularly checking in with client leads and provide support and guidance where needed
  • Working closely with team leads to manage resources and production schedules
  • Developing and implementing processes for all branding, messaging, and strategic projects in order to become more efficient and increase revenue. 
  • Developing processes for all projects that illustrate where and how various specialists are involved in branding, messaging, and strategic projects.
  • Suggesting tools that should be used for different types of projects and how these tools should be used

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Proven work history with at least 10 years experience in creative directing, marketing, writing, or communications
  • Bachelor's degree in communications, marketing, public relations, or something similar 
  • healthcare, pharma, health insurance, and life sciences experience preferred
  • Passion for building client relationships
  • Excellent communication abilities, including oral, written, listening, and presentation skills
  • Deep experience with marketing tactics and tools for our service lines including advertising and PR, digital marketing, video and animation, and web design and development
  • Demonstrated experience leading major healthcare marketing initiatives and projects across all marketing channels
  • Experience managing teams

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  • Location
    Remote, Florida
  • Department
    Healthcare Marketing Account Group
  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Minimum Experience