Film Service Line · Indianapolis, Indiana
Department Film Service Line
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

The Editor finalizes the look and feel of our video projects during the post-production phase, and works to successfully bring them across the finish line. They’re responsible for combining live-action footage, music, sound effects, and motion graphics to create engaging finished video products that align with client goals. 

It’s essential for you to have a strong sense of storytelling and a set of polished technical skills covering everything from color correction to sound mixing. You should also be a natural collaborator, comfortable working directly with clients as well as the rest of the video production team — producers, directors, motion designers, and directors of photography. 

Here’s a snapshot of your responsibilities:

  • Thirst for knowledge. You need to be a student of storytelling and editing techniques, informed on current trends and classic styles alike.
  • Detail-oriented perfectionism. You’ll be expected to hold every project you handle to the highest standards for story, sound, and color quality.
  • Meticulous organization. You’ll have to keep your project workflow organized and well-documented, so other team members can easily pick up where you’ve left off.
  • Team player. You must be completely open to collaborating with other team members on edits and stories. The project should always be the most important thing — take feedback with an open mind, but be willing to stand up for your ideas with reasoning and rationale. 
  • Self-starter. You’re enthusiastic about what you do, and you naturally manage your schedule so your projects meet every deadline; whether near or far away.
  • Storysmith. You’ll always be ready to help with story ideas, not to mention editing styles in pre-production.
  • Conscious critic. You’ll help the process by providing constructive feedback on projects with an eye to how production could have been improved to make for a stronger edit and overall video.
  • Process improver. You’ll be welcome to suggest ideas about new practices and processes that should be utilized by everyone in post-production.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Proven work history with at least three years of video editing experience
  • Bachelor's degree in film, communications, marketing, or a related field
  • Passion for filmmaking and keeping up-to-date on the latest industry trends
  • Demonstrated storytelling ability

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  • Location
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Department
    Film Service Line
  • Employment Type
    Full Time
  • Minimum Experience